How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Today's IT professionals are expected to be experts in everything from emerging technologies, business innovation, evolving policies, procedures and global initiatives. Keeping up with the latest advances in IT and understanding how they impact your business is one challenge. Finding and hiring the people with the expertise and skills to integrate, optimize, and manage these technologies and your complex systems is another.

That's where we come in!

Fusion Technology Strategies (FTSI) provides unrivaled expertise and past performance to address key business and technology mission issues. Our experts have provided comprehensive CIO/CTO IT Strategy and Architecture Support, Cyber Security Architecture and Solutions Engineering, IT Infrastructure Program and Project Management (P&PM) Services, Customer Support (ITIL-Based) Frameworks and Open Source Solution Design to a multitude of government organizations over the last several decades. Our talented team combines unrivaled experience with the latest industry qualifications and certifications. We have repeatedly earned the trust of our customers as we assist them throughout the entire lifecycle of their Information Technology programs.

Let's face it: For the CIO/CTO, achieving success can be daunting. The fact is, an alarming percentage of IT Projects and Programs either fail or are completed with unsatisfactory results. That is unless you have Fusion Technology Strategies. We've sat in your seat and can serve as your "secret weapon". We can help you regain control over strategic challenges such as short and long range IT solutions architecture, project quality assurance, budgeting, timely delivery, and vendor accountability. We support IT decision makers every step of the way, acting as your partner to ensure you meet your mission benchmarks.

Whether your efforts are still in process and experiencing difficulties, or if you've implemented a solution that's not meeting your requirements, our experts can help "right the ship" quickly and effectively. We'll provide management and technical engineering assistance to identify where issues are occurring and determine the best solutions for "breaking the log jams" to successfully meet requirements. We will ensure your success!

Today's cyber threat battlefield evolves at such a frenzied pace that the need for integrated cybersecurity strategies and technical solutions that can thwart the most focused attacks has never been greater. Through our Cyber Strategy Architecture and Engineering Services, FTSI works directly on the front lines with your leaders to improve their cybersecurity defensive capabilities. By taking a holistic view of where your cybersecurity program fits in the overall mission, and how it is structured, operating and performing, we can work with your team to analyze vulnerabilities, fix issues and safeguard sensitive data. Armed with the latest penetration testing tools and techniques, intrusion detection/prevention capabilities, advanced persistent threat and zero-day proven solutions, FTSI's Cyber Readiness Team can easily help protect your organization from the realities of modern and dynamic cyberwar.

Mature cyber defense and detection capabilities all begin as a plan, strategy, or idea. We approach all solutions with security in mind first and foremost and take great pride in solving our customers' most complex cyber challenges. Our ongoing research, lab testing and commitments to our customers ensure our effectiveness at keeping pace with the evolving global threat vectors. We stand ready to seamlessly integrate into your environment (at any level of preparedness and maturity), conduct a thorough analysis, walk you through our assessment, help you understand each threat and then brainstorm solutions to discovered issues. We will be the first to roll up our sleeves and actively help you and your team implement cost-effective, comprehensive solutions to your security challenges.

Tight budgetary climates amidst nearly all federal organizations has challenged the status quo and requires that IT leaders now develop, operate and manage their IT infrastructure and operational organizations in a manner that is cost-effective and flexible. The trends and mandates for consolidated federal enterprise infrastructures have helped to reduce costs, but it has also meant that the organization(s) are riding on fewer systems. CIOs, CTOs, Infrastructure Managers, System Administrators, Network Engineers, and the like, all now face enormous pressure to keep these complex systems available, performing, and ready for growth. With stretched budgets and limited resources, there is little to no time to explore new technologies that could make the difference between the organization being innovative or nearly obsolete.

In light of changing professional requirements, many organizations call upon expert third-party IT service providers, such as FTSI, that specialize in agile and scalable IT Infrastructure Solutions and Project Management. We apply a laser focus on business outcomes by maximizing the resources you have with the capabilities you need. We leverage our extensive experience with advanced technologies and best practices to deliver consistent results that are repeatable and predictable. Working closely with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure, we have designed, deployed, directed/managed and maintained highly optimized and massive systems across the country and around the world.

To meet your evolving mission objectives, our services include all aspects of Infrastructure Management from the conceptual level through production, third-party integration, installation, and management. We've been where you are and are therefore uniquely positioned to help you achieve high performance!

True Information Technology leaders treat every customer interaction as a valuable opportunity. Digital business has put IT right at the heart of the customer experience, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for IT organizations. The challenge is to move beyond the traditional delivery of services for customers to developing solutions that proactively meet the needs and expectations of the same users.

We bring fresh, bold thinking to today's IT realities with ideas grounded by our extensive track record of delivering cost-effective IT, business and cultural change across numerous federal organizations. We are experts in developing effective processes and systems, but we also have the skills and experience required to bring about transformative and lasting cultural changes and focus for your IT organization. Applying ITIL based (IT) Customer Service Delivery methodologies and truly unique Open Source Software Solutions, FTSI will help you win an increasingly influential role by promoting the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.